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You are Sora, and you are stuck in between Earth, and Destiny Islands, your magic gone inside of crystals surrounding you, the only weapon you have is a two pronged key dagger, the villains, are humans filled with dark energy and magic and they fire deadly precise magically enhanced bullets, fight your way through the in between, and get your magic back, but be weary if you wonder to far in the hills, Soras magical sense will get to weak, and he will be doomed to wonder forever, because this time his life is on the line.

Here is a real spell I found to get you in the mood, it is supposed to get angels to protect you.

Angle light, Angle bright, Guide me through this night, Guide me to my fate, Do not let evil temptate.

Published Jun 22, 2016

Install instructions

Unzip and click.


Kingdom Hearts Magic Restored.zip 112 MB

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